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S.No.Name of the product Therapeutic Status
1Azilsartan Medoximil Potassium SaltAnti HypertensiveCommercial
2Dapoxetine HCLPremture EjaculationCommercial
3DorzolamideAnti Glucoma Commercial
4ModafinilSleep Disorder Commercial
5Nebivolol HCLAnti HypertensiveCommercial
6Olanzapine AntipsychoticsCommercial
7Olmesartan MedoximilAnti HypertensiveCommercial
8Ornidazole Commercial
9Pregabalin Neuropathic PainCommercial
11Rasagiline MesylateAnti ParkinsonValidation
12Solifenacin SuccinateAnti MuscarinicCommercial
13Ticagrelor Anti Cardivasculor R&D Validation
14TrazodoneAnti Depressant Commercial

Under Development

S.No.Name of the product Therapeutic Status
2Nebivolol HydrochlorideAnti Hypertensive 
3Dabigatran Etexilate MesylateAnticoagulants 
4Solifenacin SuccinateAntimuscarinic 
5BrinzolamideAnti Hypertensive

Patent Clause: None of the products will be supplied to countries in which there could be conflict with existing patents. Further, any products under patent will be offered for R&D purpose only. However the final responsibility lies exclusively with the Buyer.