S.No. Product StrengthTherapeutic Category
1Theophylline SR Pellets 42%Anti Aasthmatics
2Duloxetine HCI EC pellets16 %, 17% , 20% & 33% Anti Depressant Drug Pellets
3Orlistat IR pellets40% & 50%Anti Obesity Drug Pellets
4Domperidone SR Pellets 30%Antiemetics
5Indomethacin Pellets 27.5% & 40% Anti-inflammatory
6Doxycycline Hyclate IR Pellets25%Anti-Microbial, Anti Infective & Adjuvant Drug Pellets
7Itraconazole Pellets20%,22%,40%Anti-Microbial, Anti Infective & Adjuvant Drug Pellets
8Mebeverine HCL SR Pellets 60%Antispasmodics
9Pantoprazole Sodium SR Pellets 15%Anti-Ulcer & Antisecretory
10Dex-Lansoprazole EC Pellets8.5%,12.5%Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
11Dex-Rabeprazole EC Pellets17% & 20%Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
12Lansoprazole EC pellets8.0 % 8.33% 8.5%,10%,11.20%Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
13Omeprazole EC pellets7.5%,8.5%,9.0% 10%,15%, 23.50%, 25% Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
14Pantoprazole EC pellets15%,20.0% 23.5%Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
15Rabeprazole Sodium Pellets8.5%, 11.20% & 20%Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
16Esomeprazole EC pellets8.5%,15%, 17%,22.50% & 26.66%Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
17Diltiazem HCI SR Pellets40% & 50%, 54% Cardivascular Drug Pellets
18Proponolol Hcl SR Pellets15%, 47% Cardivascular Drug Pellets
19Fluoxetine HCL EC Pellets33% , 35%Central Nervous System Drug Pellets
20Sildenafil Citrate IR Pellets10% & 20%Central Nervous System Drug Pellets
21Venlafaxine HCL SR Pellets33% , 39%Central Nervous System Drug Pellets
22Ascorbic Acid Pellets 75%Minerals & Vitamins
23Dried Ferrous Sulfate SR Pellets 55% , 56.6%Minerals & Vitamins
24Dried Ferrous Sulphate Pellets75%Minerals & Vitamins
25Folic Acid Pellets0.15%Minerals & Vitamins
26Diclofenac Sodium Dual Release Pellets 35%Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory(NSAIDs)
27Diclofenac Sodium SR Pellets33% & 40%Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory(NSAIDs)
28Ketoprofen SR Pellets65%Pain Management Drug Pellets
29Tramadol HCI IR Pellets33 % , 60%Pain Management Drug Pellets
30Dutasteride IR Pellets 0.50%Prostatic Hypertrophy
31Tamsulosin HCI SR Pellets0.40% 0.12%, 0.16%, 0.20%Prostatic Hypertrophy
32Ambroxol Hcl SR Pellets25% , 30% Respiratory Drug Pellets
33Chlorpheniramine Maleate IR Pellets10%Respiratory Drug Pellets


1Blended pellets of Omeprazole EC + Domperidone IR20mg + 10mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
2Blended pellets of Omeprazole EC + Domperidone SR20mg + 30mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
3Blended pellets of Pantoprazole EC + Domperidone IR20mg + 10mg & 30 mg + 10mg Anti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
4Blended pellets of Pantoprazole EC + Domperidone SR40mg+30mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
5Blended pellets of Pantoprazole EC +Itopride SR40mg+150mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
6Blended pellets of Rabeoprazole EC +Itopride SR20mg+150mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
7Blended pellets of Rabeprazole EC + Domperidone SR20mg + 30mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
8Blended pellets of Rabeprazole EC +Levosulpiride SR20mg + 75mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
9Blended pellets of Esomeprazole + Domperidone SR Pellets40mg + 30mgAnti-Ulcer , Antisecretory & Antimetics
10Blended pellets of Levocetirizine IR + Ambroxol SR5mg + 75mgRespiratory Drug Pellets
11Blended pellets of Chlorpheniramine Maleate IR + Phenylephrine IR4mg + 5mgRespiratory Drug Pellets
12Blended pellets of Tamsulosin HCI + Dutasteride0.4mg + 0.5mg
13Blended Pellets of Dried ferrous sulphate and Folic acid25%Nutrition & Food Suppliment Drug Pellets
14Blended Pellets of Carbonyl Iron,Zinc Sulphate & Folic acid50mg + 61.8mg + 0.5mgNutrition & Food Suppliment Drug Pellets


1Ciprofloxacin HCL Taste Mask Pellets17% & 20%Taste Masking Drug Pellets
2Azithromycin taste mask pellets7.50%Taste Masking Drug Pellets
3Clarithromycin taste mask pellets7.50%Taste Masking Drug Pellets
4Phenazopyridine HCI DC Granules60% , 68% , 70% & 95% Urinary Analgesics
5Aspirin DC Granules 90%(NSAID)
6Metformin HCL DC Granules 90% , 95%Antidiabetic
7Guaifenesin DC Granules 95%Anti Histamine
8Esomeprazole DC Granules 22.50%Anti-Ulcer & Antisecretory
9Ciprofloxacin HCL Taste mask Pellets 20% , 30% Anti-Bacterial
10Omeprazole powder for Oral SuspensionOmeprazole powder for Oral SuspensionAnti-Ulcer & Antisecretory
11Omeprazole & Sodium Bicarbonate Powder for CapsulesOmeprazole & Sodium Bicarbonate Powder for CapsulesAnti-Ulcer & Antisecretory

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